The Mortgage Broker Association for Responsible Lending (MBARL) is a trade association that represents the real estate finance industry, an industry that employs more than 400,000 professionals throughout the country.

While other trade associations representing professionals in this field are dedicated to education, professional certification and equal guidelines throughout the industry, we at the MBARL focus on the loan programs themselves. By investigating the pros and cons of certain loan programs for both the prime and sub prime markets we are an advocacy group protecting consumers and the loan industry by outlandish and counter productive loan programs. Sometimes these loan programs are highly marketed to minorities, seniors and low income individuals, which to our organization is highly frowned upon.

The MBARL applauds our sister associations and their efforts to their causes. The MBARL believe that we do have a similar cause, to better strengthen the mortgage industry as a whole. The MBARL believes that many of the problems in the mortgage industry stem from the structure of the loan programs themselves.

In today's mortgage industry we see stated income loans as the biggest threat to the economic integrity of the United States. This loan program is a plague on today's society. The loan program invites fraud, and banks are perfectly aware and comfortable with this. I invite you to continue browsing though our website and become more informed about the issues we feel strongly about.

Please read the letter from Steven Krystofiak, the President of the MBARL. His letter is a great inside look of the mortgage industry. The letter will give you insight as to why the MBARL exists, and why stated income loans must stop now.

One of the ways the MBARL can stop the practice of stated income loans is by hearing testimonials from you. If you have had an experience with a stated income loan we at the MBARL would like to read about it. Please send your letters to All letters will be read. Thank you.